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About Us

We are PixelPeople, a server founded in 2015 after closing DiamondCraft. We have more than 15 staff members, including Three Co Owners, Two Admins and one Head Admin.

Thanks to the first few players, and the brilliant Owners and our staff team, we have become a well known and respectable server. We have Survival, Nexus, multiple Roleplay worlds, Towny, SkyBlock, Warewolves, Kingdoms, Plots and Freebuild where you can build absolutely anywhere in a classic survival-style world. We have multiple plugins including Towny, mcMMO, Dynmap, PlotMe, Voting, MythicDrops, Jobs, Lockette, Vampire, Werewolf, ProjectKorra. Our staff members are all very hard working, and will be more than happy to help with the vast majority of your queries and wonders. Don't be afraid to say hi, they don't bite....