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Important Information


1 ) Be respectful.
2) No cursing/swearing/cussing, slurs, demeaning, or vulgar language including abbreviations and self censors.
3) No griefing or looting players builds/property, including animals even if an area is unprotected. The one exception is in towny wars on RP which will allow certain destruction that fixes itself after.
4) On RP there are build worlds and resource worlds, make sure to make your claims and builds on the build worlds and collect resources in the resource worlds to keep build worlds clean. Staff are happy to help you navigate.
5) No advertising other servers, seek permission for other types of advertising for each case.
6) No hacking, xray, exploits, afk machines, malicious loopholes, lagging/crashing the server, or cheats.
7) No trolling, flaming, scamming, spamming, racism, sexism, abuse/bullying, etc.
8) No 18+ discussion/builds/skins or sharing of your personal information such as name, address, etc. this is a family friendly server and we want all ages to feel welcome, comfortable, and reasonably safe.
9) English is requested on our server to ensure staff can moderate quickly and accurately.
10) Respect staff decisions, they are in charge of case by case rulings on incidents, actions, questions, etc. not specifically covered by rules and are permitted some exemptions to rules. You may report inappropriate behavior, abuse of power, and appeal punishments on our discord #report-behavior and #punisment-appeal.


If you have any problems with our server or website (including the store) please mail us at contact@yourserver.com


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