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Find out about how we work, and the different things you can do on our server, by looking through our Community Forum. In our Community Forum you will find information on the Structure of our server, the Staff of the server and how to Apply for Staff, the latest server News, and participate any polls we have going. You can Report Abuse or Appeal a punishment/ban, either in our discord or by sending an email to us. Find our Discord server link in our community forum.

You can get the ingame Member rank free in our store, and then request to join Member group on the Forum. Go to our store https://pixelpeopleonline.co.uk or ingame type /donate
To vote and get rewards ingame type /vote

About our Server:

In our network have Roleplay, Survival, Creative. We have Werewolves and Vampires on Roleplay. Your currency is network wide, you get rewards for voting, and for doing parkour, in the server hub.

Join our Discord to discuss all things server related.


We have an active Discord server and so we are drawing the focus away from the forum for community discussions.

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Welcome to PixelPeople Forum

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We use Minecraft version 1.12.1

We are looking for new staff. To be considered for staff you need to come on regularly and bring your friends with you.

In our network have Roleplay, Quests, Survival, Creative, and are making a Minigame Server. Your currency is network wide, and gains interest. You get rewards for voting, and for doing parkour (found in the server hub, and on skywars lobby.)
  • In our Roleplay server you have Bending, Magic, Werewolves, Vampires, Zombie Plague, Marriage, Jobs, Pets, Cars/vehicles, Furniture and Guns, Towny. You can marry ingame and have children with villagers or players. Our Roleplay worlds consists of our Towns world and Pixelwood.
  • In our Survival server you have 2 Survival worlds and Skyblock. You get playervaults, and there are boss fights. We have kept our Survival server as basic as possible for those who like the authentic experience. We also have Skyblock in our Survival server, for those wishing to do survival on a floating island.
  • In our Quest server you have Jobs, Quests, Bounty Hunters, Crates. The quests take place in survival worlds. We also have survival mode plots for you to build if you prefer building in survival mode rather than in our Creative plots.
  • In our Creative server you will find our Freebuild World, where you can claim land and build on it. Plotworlds, including an exclusive Donator Plotworld. Buy more blocks to build on in Freebuild with ingame $ that you get when you vote, or get rewards. You can also get worldedit as a reward for voting, which can be used in the creative server for your plot, or the land you claim in Freebuild.
In Minigames we have Skywars: 5 unique maps to choose from and kits to buy permanently you get money for winning. We also have a parkour map in the skywars lobby, for which you get an ingame $$ reward when you reach the end. We have Blockhunt, Spleef, Deathrun, CTF, Battlefield Guns including a CSGO arena, Bedwars, and we will continue to add more.

At Christmas time, we have Christmas trees, with presents under them and at Easter we have easter egg hunts.

We are looking for Architects. Please feel free to apply and upload any screenshots you have of your builds.

Join our dubtrack : https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/pixelpeople

We are always looking to improve the server. The goal is to just have fun! If you have any suggestions please let us know!

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