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Find out about how we work, and the different things you can do on our server, by looking through our Community Forum. In our Community Forum you will find information on the Structure of our server, the Staff of the server and how to Apply for Staff, the latest server News, and participate any polls we have going. You can Report Abuse or Appeal a punishment/ban, either in our discord or by sending an email to us. Find our Discord server link in our community forum.

You can get the ingame Member rank free in our store, and then request to join Member group on the Forum. Go to our store or ingame type /donate
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About our Server:

In our network have Roleplay, Survival, Creative. We have Werewolves and Vampires on Roleplay. Your currency is network wide, you get rewards for voting, and for doing parkour, in the server hub.

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We have an active Discord server and so we are drawing the focus away from the forum for community discussions.

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Forum and Server Rules

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These Rules apply to the Forum and the Server

If you use the forum, or play on the server, you are doing so under the agreement that you will abide by these rules:

Rules last updated: 30/05/2019

1. No griefing or Looting, except for Factions on Nexus server. You may LOOT on Roleplay only if it is unclaimed land and the chests are unlocked. Grief = Breaking or Placing on a part of someone's build. Looting = Stealing from chests.

2. No spamming.

3. If you want to PvP, all involved players must agree to it, or you must be in an official PvP arena. You are not allowed to use /fly or /heal.

4. No advertising or unapproved links, which includes no discussing another server, IP or game by name.

5. No cursing, including full words, abbreviated such as wtf, censcored such as f**k, or different languages. This includes on signs, books, etc.

6. No trolling, flaming or bullying, or inciting these.

7. No asking for OP, ranks, items, or money from staff.

8. No arguments in public chat, especially no arguing with Staff.

9. No racism, sexism, or discrimination.

10. No hacked clients, VPNs, xray texture packs, macros, or any cheating allowed. Includes anything that stops you automatically going AFK = No AFK Machines.

11. No excessive caps. You are allowed four per sentence, unless they are needed, such as in names or places.

12. No building OR breaking within 300 blocks of the spawn points in the servers. This includes underground and in the sky.

13. No setting homes in other players claimed land.

14. In the Roleplay server, you must gather resources in /resource or in your claimed land.

15. No 1x1 towers or holes.

16. No sharing personal information, such as your age or where you live.

17. Keep it clean, this is a child friendly server. No inappropriate skins, builds or usernames.

18. English is preferred in public chat, and other languages in private messages, but no profanity/swearing in ANY language in public chat.

19. When punished for breaking rules, do not argue about it or privately message staff members about it, or ask others to do it on your behalf. You can appeal on the forum or make a post in discord #punishment-appeal